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I am writing as a testimonial for Jessy who worked to placed me in my current role as Deputy General Manager, Corporate Management in a reputable Japanese MNC. She was extremely careful in managing my recruitment and followed up in all the interview arranged and updated me on the progress of this role.

I felt extremely comfortable communicating as she was sincere in all our tele-conversations and although I do have another offer on hand, I decided to follow Jessy’s advice and took up the role.

I’m now happily in my 3rd month of service with the organisation and working closing with her and the team to continue recruiting efforts for various roles in all levels for my current company.

To Kenneth, Jessy, and the team – Keep up the good work and appreciate your continuous support! Thank you.

Gordon Tan
Deputy General Manager, Corporate Management Division (Manufacturing Industry)

I am very grateful for the help of Samantha from Trust Recruit. She is patient, positive, friendly, and professional recruiter. She offered valuable advice on how to approach the actual interview best by fully understanding both requirements of the position and my experience.

Steven Ji
Head, Group IT (Construction Industry)

When I decided to make a slight change in my career path. I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of headhunting/ recruitment companies out there, how was I ever going to choose the right one to work with and what they could offer me.

Wayne contacted me directly after seeing a copy of my resume and quickly set up an initial interview. From the moment I spoke to him, I knew that Trust Recruit was the agency for me. Wayne took an active interest in both me as a person and me as a candidate which have helped me to successfully gotten the role of Senior Customer service officer in an established MNC.

Changing career paths can be daunting but at every stage Wayne was available to talk through any concerns I had and offer support when needed. He managed to match me to a position perfect not only for my career and ambitions but also my personality. I have no hesitation in recommending Trust Recruit Pte Ltd, to anyone looking for a new job opportunity.

To Wayne and Team – Keep up the good work and appreciate on your support.

Elaine Eng
Senior Customer Service Officer (Semiconductor Industry)

I’m writing a testimonial for Shannifer who helped me landed a job in Singapore. She was very supportive and easy to talk with. I’m very happy to share how she effectively managed to assist me in every step of the recruitment process.

I’m now in the process of waiting for my employment pass approval and hoping to start with the role soon. Thank you Shannifer for your patience and keep up the good work.

Veniss Duncila
IT Security Specialist, APAC (Electronics Industry)

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Kenny from Trust Recruit, who has demonstrated professionalism, dedication, responsibility, and excellent service. Also, he helped me to successfully work as a planner in a well-known company.

I especially appreciate his quick response, transparent communication, and timely & efficient coordination. He was very professional and knew the details of the job I needed.

This position is very different from anything I’ve done before, but it matches my skills and interests. He worked with me to make sure the position was the right choice for me with an ideal expected salary and benefits package. I really enjoyed working with him. I would highly recommend Trust Recruit to anyone looking for better opportunities.

Perley Ng
Planning Executive (Marine Industry)

I am pleased to write this testimonial for Indah from Trust Recruit who has helped me secure the role of Finance Manager in an established multi-national corporation in the video game industry. The position is very different from my past experience in manufacturing set up, yet it fits my interest to gain exposure into regional role.

I especially appreciated her timely communications, transparent feedback, and coordination in efficient and professional way. Her personal touch has gained my trust and respect, and I would recommend her and Trust Recruit to my friends and colleagues.

Ong Yi Zhi
Regional Finance Manager (Game Industry)

I was approached by Trust Recruit with a job position very much related to my field of expertise and interest. Consultant Kenneth has been very polite and accommodating to my busy work schedule. More importantly, he understands the job position that was offered and was able to explain to me the job scopes with great clarity.

Once I had expressed my interest, the process was smooth, it did not take long for the hiring company to arrange an interview soon after. After the interview, the agent followed up closely with me and the hiring company, mediating for both parties and ensuring all my concerns were addressed properly. Great emphasis was also placed on ensuring that my interest was well protected during the transitioning phase from my current job to the new job. This is especially crucial especially during COVID times, where many things are rather unpredictable.

The agent also took the extra mile to advise me, a Malaysian on matters regarding living in Singapore. Throughout the whole process, I truly felt relieved that I am in good hands. Trust Recruit definitely lives up to its name, providing trustworthy and sincere recruitment services.

Abner Quah
Engineer (Semiconductor Industry)

Thank you to Ulina of Trust Recruit, as she has referred me and through her, I have secured my current role. Throughout the interview process until receipt of the offer for employment, she had facilitated the recruitment process with her invaluable advice on interview tips and insights into the hirer and the hirer’s requirements of the role being recruited. It was indeed a smooth recruitment process.

Lee Chee H’ung
Senior Legal Counsel (Construction Industry)

Thanks to Trust Recruit for helping and supporting me during my journey to find a job. Your follow-up after recruitment is really helping me a lot during my first month in the new company. It ensured me that I had chosen the right company. Thanks again for your professionalism, quality, responsiveness, and value that you have given to me.

Felix Jesman Lee
Senior Design Coordinator (Construction Industry)

Being extremely efficient and within a week, I manage to secure a job in this critical Covid-19 situation. The agency is able to help me find a suitable opportunity and most importantly, matched with my skills and experience. I am really very grateful to Trust Recruit.

Iris Lee Ai Peng
Shipping Executive (Chemical Industry)

Trust Recruit is very reliable in securing your career. They ensure that you will be mentally prepared for interviews, always provide positive mindset and great correspondence throughout. I would like to share million thanks to Ms Samantha from Trust Recruit for her effort! Thank you.

Tengku Muhammad Aizat Bin Tengku Ahmad
Executive, Project Administration & Sales (IT Industry)

I couldn’t be more pleased with the exceptional service I received from Trust Recruit. The consultant went above and beyond to assist me in my job search journey. He took the time to understand my career goals and skill set, ensuring that the job opportunities presented to me were a perfect match.

Thanks to Trust Recruit, I not only found a job that aligns perfectly with my aspirations but also navigated the recruitment process smoothly. Their responsiveness and willingness to address my queries made the entire experience stress-free.

Zulkifli Jalil
Lecturer (Education Industry)

Roland had been really helpful when he was my agent. He has put in extra effort by practicing interview questions with me, guiding me about what to expect from my interview. His answers to my inquiries about my job was swift and concise! Kudos to him!

Stella Law Soo Cheng
Investment Operation Executive (Banking & Finance Industry)

Good recruiters. Professional, detail, thorough. Good at matching skills, experience, character, profile to the right job. Take care of Client and Candidate alike to match to market. Thanks to Rolland Teah, Ulina, Kenny Koh during the whole job search process.

Leong Kah Joon
General Manager (Construction Industry)

Special shoutout to Rolland! His dedication and expertise in finding the right fit for my skills and aspirations exceeded my expectations. Communication was seamless, and the entire process was both efficient and enjoyable. I highly recommend Rolland for anyone seeking a professional and supportive recruiter!

Chng Hui Xin
Sales Manager (Service Industry)

Had a positive experience with this recruiter company. The team was efficient, understood my requirements, and connected me with relevant opportunities. Here comes a big shout-out to Rolland. His dedication and expertise made my experience with Trust Recruit exceptional. Grateful for his support in my job search journey!

Charmaine Wong
Relationship Manager (Banking Industry)

Jordan was supportive, patient and sincere throughout my job search process. With his expertise, I accepted a role that was well-suited to my preferences, and I’ve been enjoying my job thus far.

Comparing with my past experiences with other recruitment agencies, Trust Recruit stands out in terms of their professionalism and dedication. Thank you, Jordan, for your help, really appreciate it!

Seraphina Cheang
Business Development (IT Industry)

Vivian from Trust recruit was very helpful to secure me a job with a very good salary package. She indeed was incredibly helpful, providing me with details on the company in terms of what the company does. Her interview tips were excellent and that gave me the confidence to attend the interview.

After I did secure the job, she was very thoughtful to check up on my progress with the company. I really would like to thank Vivian for the effort she contributed towards securing the job for me. Appreciate it lots!

Michael Raj
Engineer (IT Industry)

I am writing this testimonial for Shannifer who assisted to placed me in my current role as Marketing Assistant in a reputable MNC. She was extremely patient in managing and keep following up the interview for me and explained how the role was going.

I felt comfortable as she was sincere in our conversation. Even though I felt nervous and not confident for the interview, she keeps pushing me to do my best and supporting me all the way. I am very thankful for her. Keep fighting and wish you all the best continuously! Thank you.

Law Jia Wen
Marketing Assistant (Automation Industry)

Dick Sern is a helpful agent, and he gave me a lot of useful advice during the interview. I am currently satisfied with this job; the people here are nice and willing to teach. I have gained 3 certificates during the probation period.

Ling Shi Wei
Data Engineer (IT Industry)

I want to thank Wenqiang for his involvement and professional way of supporting during the interviewing process. He did an amazing job and understood not only the company requirements but mine as well.

That is why I got the job that I wanted in a company that matches most of my expectations. It was a pleasure working with you Wenqiang. You’re awesome. Thank you again.

Chea Kim Leng
Assistant Engineering Executive (Construction Industry)

Indah is a very friendly recruiter whom I worked with. She helped me through the entire job search process from start to end and helped me relay my questions to the employers.

It was a pleasure working with her and Trust Recruit, and I am grateful for the support I received in securing my job. Thank you, Indah, for your efforts and I wish you all the best.

Punam Singh
Site Admin (Construction Industry)

I have personally worked with Darlene Ong from Trust Recruit for the job seeking services. I was very satisfied of the professional attitude of its staff from the initial contact process until the end of job placement. 

I am so glad about my decision to choose Trust Recruit and can confidently recommend to anyone seeking for job opportunities.

Khoo Choon Guan
Shipping Coordinator (Manufacturing Industry)

I am very blessed to engage Kenny from Trust Recruit.

With his excellent service, not only did he assist well in finding the right job, but he also helped me analyse what job path I should take and how to progress further.

After I started work in my new company, he still followed up on how I was adapting to the new environment and if there were any challenges I faced. I will highly recommend Trust Recruit for people who are looking out for better opportunities.

Steven Phang Choon Haw
System Analyst (Electronics Industry)

Trust Recruit is highly recommended. Kenny has gone above and beyond in helping me secure a dream job opportunity. He provides sound advices and relevant tips in assisting me to score in interviews. Additionally, the follow up is consistent and solid as well.

Jennifer Sng
Security Engineer (Cyber Security Industry)

Consultant Indah had really impressed me during my job application through Trust Recruit. As my project was at peak and busy during the weekdays, she went the extra mile in convincing the client to arrange an interview on the weekend for me. She also spent time understanding and following up outside her working hours.

Syed Ali
Lead QAQC (Oil & Gas Industry)

Was served by Karmun and she was professional and placed my interest as priority without forcefully pushing a job that was not ideal. She was patient throughout and helped me find various job opportunities.

Soh Ding Sheng
Project Engineer (Construction Industry)

I am a fresh graduate with not much work experience. Not to mention that it was even harder to secure a job especially in this unique year of covid-19 where majority of the businesses are failing, and many people are losing their jobs.

Thank God! I found and linked up with Kenny from Trust Recruit. Kenny was prompt in keeping a lookout for jobs according to my liking and active in updating me on the application progress.

The entire process from looking for job to attending interviews to obtaining an offer was pretty much hassle free as Kenny was there to assist and handle most of the process. Therefore, I truly commend Trust Recruit as one of the best recruitment agencies out there for their professionalism.

Joseph Quek
Cyber Security Engineer (IT Industry)

I would like to commend Karmun from Trust Recruit on her professionalism and attitude in helping secure my current job. She has been very helpful and quick in answering to all of my questions, follow up and coordination.

You can always tell when someone is sincere in doing their job. It is safe to say you are in good hands with Trust Recruit.

Edward Boo
Project Engineer (Construction Industry)

Good experience with the consultant, efficient and responsive. Went to many recruitment agencies previously, Trust Recruit is the only one that I have my first successful hire.

Dwayne Lee
Data Engineer (IT Industry)

Since my first contact with the agent, Miss Ulina, she has been very helpful and prompt in her follow up, providing me with the information I need, and help me gain greater insight into the field I wanted to go into. This prepared me well for the interview as it gave me a lot of knowledge about the job I was applying for.  The personal touch she has was something that I would not expect from a recruitment agency, but Miss Ulina has it all. She sounded equally excited when I was offered the job, not so much that she has closed the deal, but more so that she felt she had found a good match for both the company and the candidate. I appreciate her quick response, efficiency, and she demonstrates professionalism and passion in her work. Miss Ulina is a responsible agent, often going the extra mile and rendering her services even after her office hours. Her personal touch has gained my trust and respect.

With so many recruitment agencies around, one will have to demonstrate that they can be trusted and respected, Miss Ulina has no doubt achieved this for Trust Recruit. Thank you once again, I give my best recommendation for Miss Ulina from Trust Recruit without hesitation to other candidates who want a better opportunity in their job hunting.

Seah Xian Fu
Project Engineer (Process & Packaging Industry)