Mr Gianluigi Formelli

The main characteristics of Trust Recruit are the professionalism and their humbleness, something not easy to find in the recruiting market. I especially appreciate the simplicity of the approach, the transparency, and the openness of communication.


Mr Francis Seah

Our company is very glad to entrust our hiring process with the assistance from Trust Recruit during the past years. Trust Recruit has been our trusted partners in fulfilling our company’s talent pipelines all these whiles.


Ms Chia SH

We appreciate the commitment of the recruiter from Trust Recruit to providing us with specialized talent recruitment services across a variety of skills and disciplines. Despite the challenges, they are able to find the right executive for our company and take care of our recruitment needs.


Ms Claudia Pang & Ms Ashley Ong

We have been working with Trust Recruit for few years. The overall experience is great and wonderful.  

 We believe that People is the key to make the difference. Kenneth and his team have been providing professional recruitment service to us. They are dedicated and always listen to our hiring needs, trying their best to source for suitable candidates. On top of this, they show understanding through accommodating to our request as much as possible.

 Last but not least, we appreciate their partnership in recruitment and will definitely continue to work with them for years to come.”

Ms Jocelyn Lim

Trust Recruit and my company have established a clear communication & understanding towards what my organization really needs. Ms Indah, the Manager in charge of my company’s recruitment matters, puts effort to find out more details of the job requirement and matches with the candidates’ resume before putting forward for my consideration.


Mr Dave Lim

The purpose of this testimonial is to provide endorsement for the recruitment services provided by Trust Recruit Pte Ltd. We have been impressed with the support that Trust Recruit has been providing since we engaged your services in June 2021.


Ms Kassandra Tan

Our engagement with Trust Recruit started in February 2022 and within 6 months, we had successfully hired 3 candidates, thanks to the relentless efforts from Shannifer, who demonstrated great professionalism and efficiency for our recruitment drive.


Ms Audrey Tan

Despite been a young company, Trust Recruit is professional and puts in effort to understand the client needs. We received good support and appreciated the promptness in fulfilling our recruitment requirement in a timely manner.


Mr Wilson Tok

Over the years, it has been a pleasure working with Trust Recruit. We are pleased to have partnered with Kar Mun who is professional and resourceful with clear understanding of our recruitment requirements. We appreciate the strong support rendered to our organization and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in future years.

Ms Patricia Anne Duque

Kenny has been very helpful with our company requirements. He is very patient and knows what we are looking for in a candidate. I can say we closed more than 10 deals with his support. Kudos to Kenny.